CHO - FINAL RULING (updated 17/07/2019)

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CHO - FINAL RULING (updated 17/07/2019)

Post by BackFromUSA »

As of and including 27/11/2018:

ANY FUTURE use of the term THE CHO will result in a penalty as applies in the rules regarding demeaning terminology towards an ex Saints official, in this case ex coach, Alan Richardson. This will deemed to be a deliberate use of the term and will result in a one week penalty. Continual use will see the penalties double each time.

The term CHO can be used, because it means something different under the same source (the urban dictionary) and it is understood that some posters also claim it to be a nickname for Richardson - just like Richo. NO matter how dubious those claims, the fact that CHO is defined differently than THE CHO, means that its usage is deemed to be OK.

I am also giving history and context for the decision here to ensure everyone is clear on the deliberate nature of the usage.

Earlier this year a poster was given a permanent ban for making extremely lewd sexual commentary regarding the coach and his associations with players and club officials. It was by far the most disgusting commentary posted on this OPEN forum and despite warnings and previous bans the poster continued this practice. On 6 August, this same poster started using the term THE CHO to reference the coach. This was not a pet nickname, rather it was a crude sexual term used to reference the coach in an attempt to circumvent the rules.

Yes 99% of people had no idea what this referenced but it was definitely a DELIBERATE term used to try to circumvent the rules and continue making lewd sexual commentary against the coach.

Once there was wider knowledge and understanding of what the term meant, then it falls under the same rules that it would if the actual meaning of "The Cho" was typed out in a post.


I repeat that use of the term CHO is permissible. If you want to continue calling our coach CHO then do so. You and only you will know your true motivation for doing so and no judgement can be made, but one would hope that you can respect that Alan Richardson, the person, deserves the same respect and consideration as you, your family and friends.


I have two options here:

1) Wipe the slate clean and issue no further warnings for usage / bans over the past week and remove posts that offend to the admin forum

2) Ban those that have used the term more than 3 times since my initial ruling, or it's meaning including those that quoted the meaning and thus re-posting it despite it having been deleted by the original poster

I am choosing option 1 rather than ban 6 posters.

This decision is final.

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