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Postby Numpty » Mon 30 Oct 2017 10:43pm

Joffa Burns wrote:
Numpty the nom de plume for To the top wrote:Re: Jaxons come on down (2017/18 thread)
by Numpty » Wed 25 Oct 2017 11:42pm
loris wrote:202 conscripts were killed. IMHO, that was one conscript too many, but that is only my opinion. I’m just pointing out facts to you.

Correct! Facts! Not fake news! Fake news like that Mexican communist hippie 'to the tulips' keeps spouting, believe me.

Those conscripts knew what they were getting in for! However, I would like to know the identity of that 'one' true patriot whom you mention, Loris. I'm sure he was a patriot, a true patriot, right? I'd like to call his wife and offer my condolences. (As long as she isn't black, of course. Or Puerto Rican.) And I might even send my ambassador around to throw some flowers at his grave. Tulips maybe? At the grave? That would be fun I think.

I really appreciate your attitude on this Loris, believe me. We need more swamp drainers, and drainers of the swamp. Just like you Loris. You are a swamp drainer, and a patriot, believe me. And, you even have a Christian name Loris. I would bet that you are a slim one too, not a slow one? just like my wife, Melanoma. Right? No doubt, believe me. So as you have a Christian name, and are slim, not slow, I will say, Merry Christmas to you, believe me. Merry Christmas Loris!

Do you know anything about building walls btw??? #makingconscriptionswampdrainingandthrowingstuffatgrievingpeoplegrateagain

One of the more hilarious posts ever read on this fine forum by our delightful poster To the top...aka...Numpty.

After being called out by the purveyor of all that is fair and just on this forum “Our Lady Loris” for his/her historically incorrect posts in the Club Explanation thread, To the top was comprehensively put in (its) place albeit very nicely by the ‘Fair Maiden” of the forum.

The response was to high-jack the Jaxons come on down thread with the aforementioned posted under the nom de plume of Numpty. Surprisingly Numpty has a different writing style but eerily similar writing traits as To the top such as finishing a sentence with a profound statement or trust evoking comment.

Personally I was hoping for thread to beat the world record of repetition and flogging of a dead equine bemoaning trickle-down economics, Murdoch media, Labour party, self-regulation and privatisation, instead we were treated to a rib tickling nonsensical rant given the writings of said poster conjure a hippie still living the virtues of 70’s Australia and sticking it to ‘The Man’.

And what did our Saintsational online Helen Mirren do to deserve this tirade, she merely pointed out factual inaccuracies of To the top’s post and suggested the constant reference to political agenda be more suitable elsewhere :lol: :lol: :lol:

Folks, nobody knows fake news and tulips like I do. Fake news and tulips. Nobody, believe me. But who is this Helen Midden? I don't think I've come across this Helen Mirror before? Can you introduce us Joffa? I'd ask Billy Bush, but that didn't work out so well last time. All fake news, believe me. And like the lovely and slim, and certainly not slow Loris, is Helen prepared to sacrifice 201 conscripts for the sake of that one patriot? Is Helen, is she a patriot too? But more importantly, is she white? Does she like cats? Do her cats know anything about building walls? Because I like patriotic white cats building walls, and they can't help myself, believe me.

But what's important now folks, is that I've read this thread, yes I have, believe me. And it saddens my heart too, my heart saddens, believe me, yes I know.

So I'm saying, and saying this very clearly, is that those people in Washington and Moorabbin, you know who they are folks, believe me. What's really important is that those people aren't Mexicans.

And also folks, that those people, they must listen to the cries of all you decent hard working Christian middle suburbian folks who post on here. On here, on this very thread! Can you believe that??? So I'm saying to those people, the decent NRA card carrying folks who are right here on this very thread, today, these decent white folks know who you are, and I know who you are, believe me.

What I'm saying to those people in Washington and Moorabbin. I'm saying, what I'm saying, and that saying is you better not stuff up this draft you those people!!! :evil: Not this draft!!! Because, believe me, if you do stuff up this draft you those people, and I'll only say this once, only once, if you stuff up this draft, then I'll be obliged to totally covfefe, believe me. #makingknowingfakestuffcovfefeagain.


Postby WellardSaint » Sat 04 Nov 2017 4:52pm

Just reading this slowly...
Taking it all in, makes me feel proud to be patriotic;
The old heart swelled with pride! And...Dare I say it, I even got a Bonar :D
Summertime just means lots of sunburn, lots of pain.
Long wait till footy season, when the pain of sunburn is replaced by the pain of missed opportunities, missed shots at goal,
mistakes under pressure...
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