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Postby Verdun66 » Wed 18 Oct 2017 7:03pm

Has posted on BF he can’t log in on SS.

borderbarry said: ↑
Can anybody help me out here? I have not been able to log into Saintsational to post for six weeks or so. I enter my user name and password as instructed, then I am giving a high IQ question to answer such as which Riewoldt do we love, or 35 was Robert ?
Then I am told that there has been too many attempts to log in, that is why I get the question, but it just repeats and repeats. Anybody know any one that I can contact to get help?
I need help with this you blokes.
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Re: Borderbarry

Postby MickThomas » Sat 28 Oct 2017 6:35pm

Admin should be able to assist.
He might just need password reset
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