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Permanent Ban

Postby BackFromUSA » Thu 30 Apr 2015 9:00pm

Unfortunately we have had to ban a forum member's user name permanently.

As "The Redeemer", this member made some excellent football fan forum contributions.

However repeated racist comments (despite numerous warnings) in the General Forum led to three official warnings within the past 7 days activating an automatic 2 week ban. This was the third such ban for this poster. In addition it was believed that these ongoing racist remarks were aimed to deliberately offend and inflame other posters.

On both levels thus qualified the poster for a permanent ban.

To be clear, the individual is only banned from the forum using that user name.

However if the individual returns to the forum under another user name, the expectation is that they do so without the unacceptable behaviour and hopefully can make a more positive contribution to the forum.

This message is posted in the fan forum for a few days purely as a notice to inform forum members of the action taken.

Any commentary or discussion on this decision can be made but only in the Admin Forum.

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