The Redeemer Two Week Ban

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The Redeemer Two Week Ban

Postby st.byron » Mon 16 Feb 2015 9:32am

The Redeemer has been banned for two weeks for being warned three times within 7 days.

The ban expires on Saturday 28 February.

When a poster is banned for any length of time, it's mod procedure to post it in the admin forum.
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Re: The Redeemer Two Week Ban

Postby asiu » Mon 16 Feb 2015 10:16am

'n imo , good policy.
... from experience , being able to read (whilst banned)
any or no opinions from the mob / our mob
on the subject matter had/ has , lol , multiple opportunities of 'catharticness' within

... in fact , only between us , i'm still awaiting the opportunity to even the score
on one (possibly 2 , but i'm practicing forgiveness on that issue) mongrel who attacked
as i sat in the gallows 8-)

let me love ya bro ... for one of us is gunna go.

Anyways , good policy ... tick.
.name the ways , thought manipulates the State of Presence away.
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