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Political Posts Policy

Post by BackFromUSA »

Hi all

Some of you may be aware that I have not been on much this year. My family has had to come first.

I am disappointed that this has resulted in the footy forum being used for political messages / opinions and fights.

How many times do I have to stress that the General Forum is for politics and the footy forum is for football only.

It is quite clear.

So I can only assume that those posting political messages are doing so to bait others.


Any political post in the Footy Forum will be automatically deemed BAITING.

Please report anyone that posts something political after 25 February.

The rule is clearly stated as:

Any post that negatively relates to or references, or baits (directly or indirectly) another poster, or posters, or group of posters in the Saintsational Fan Forum or leads to bickering to the level of an ongoing dispute, will be deemed a breach of rules and the penalty will be either a 1 DAY BAN or 1 WEEK BAN.

And given this warning - expect a 1 WEEK BAN!


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