Favourite SaintSational Mod!!!!!

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Favourite SaintSational Mod!!!!!

Postby stonecold » Thu 18 May 2017 4:10pm

In a week where the Mods have been so busy, let's have a bit of fun and nominate our Favourite:

Dal's gets my vote!!!!!

She's always ticked me off in a nice way when I have to be warned to pull my head in, which, yes, is quite often (b4 the rest of you have your dig, haha)!!!!! :oops:
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Re: Favourite SaintSational Mod!!!!!

Postby Sainter_Dad » Thu 18 May 2017 4:23pm

Aren't mods like Umpires - best when they quietly go about their business????

Threads like this will encourage them to call each poster by name, and start giving out warnings in a 'look at me' type thing. When the mod gets bigger than the modding, we have 'whistle blowing' for the sake of it - then they will start to want to wear fluorescent coloured shirts, and start indicating where they will be backing up and running around the place calling 'MINE'. Then all of a sudden we will have posts on how the modding is biased and that the mods are betting on the threads. It cannot happen.

JK - We need them to keep the place moving - and it is a thankless task! So they all get my vote!
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Re: Favourite SaintSational Mod!!!!!

Postby saintspremiers » Thu 18 May 2017 5:49pm

Great post Stoner.

What a week for the forum - 3 wins on the trot and we rip each other to shreds over Mrs Murphy!

I love it. And the icing on the cake is Plugsie returning today.
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Re: Favourite SaintSational Mod!!!!!

Postby mr six o'clock » Thu 18 May 2017 5:51pm

I like the small faces !
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Re: Favourite SaintSational Mod!!!!!

Postby dragit » Thu 18 May 2017 5:52pm

I love all of the mods, hopefully they pop this thread in the admin section…
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Re: Favourite SaintSational Mod!!!!!

Postby asiu » Thu 18 May 2017 9:00pm

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