Exploiting a Dream Team loophole

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Exploiting a Dream Team loophole

Postby Enrico_Misso » Fri 22 Apr 2011 6:58pm

There is a partial lockdown till Sat arvo when Port play the B@stards.

Most DreamTeamers would have Dane Swan as their Capt.
But many would also have players like Goddard and Montagna in their teams.

If you were smart you would have selected one of them as vice captain for last night.

This gives you a chance to exploit a loophole.
Monty scored 126 and BJ 113.

So you have two options.
Keep Swan as your captain and hope he scores at least 126 on Monday (his average is 136.5).
Dump him as Captain (before tomorrow's lockout).
Still keep him in your team, but by not nominating a Captain your Vice captain earns the double points.

So if you had Monty as your vice you can lock in 252 points for him now.

I had BJ as my vice so I think I will take the risk that Swan will score more than 113.
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Postby stevie » Sat 23 Apr 2011 9:49am

i'm pretty sure this doesnt work as the software evens things up later i noticed it last year with Supercoach
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