Question regarding AFLW

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Question regarding AFLW

Postby The_President » Mon 12 Mar 2018 6:42pm

Quick question on our future AFLW team.

Any idea if they will be playing their home games at Moorabbin?

Seems like a silly question but stranger things have happened.

Can see the AFL demanding that they play out of Seaford.
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Re: Question regarding AFLW

Postby Wrote for Luck » Mon 12 Mar 2018 7:24pm

my understanding from what I read a while back is the team will play out of Moorabbin as well as use the facilities.

is anyone clear what the difference is between the Southern Saints, the St Kilda Sharks, and our soon to be AFLW team?
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Re: Question regarding AFLW

Postby CQ SAINT » Wed 14 Mar 2018 7:59pm

Southern Saints looks to be the foundation of our AFLW future. The Sharks have pulled out of VFLW and are focused on developing players at Div 1 and 2 level.

I guess it all depends on the development of the draft, combined with Academy zones and feeder clubs developing locals.
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Re: Question regarding AFLW

Postby saintspremiers » Wed 14 Mar 2018 10:51pm

Here’s some info from the club I got today. Remember once stage 2 is completed everything will be at Moorabbin

While our men’s program will be immediately operational from RSEA Park on Monday, we will continue to operate our women’s football program, Next Generation Academy (NGA), community football engagement and supporting business operations from the Linen House Centre in Seaford.
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Re: Question regarding AFLW

Postby saintbrat » Thu 15 Mar 2018 6:07am ... 0eba744658

ST KILDA would be ready to field a side in AFLW 2019 with the Saints keen for the league to revisit its expansion plans.

The Saints were disappointed to be overlooked when the AFL decided to add two teams next season, with Geelong and North Melbourne .

St Kilda will have to wait until 2020, but with Peta Searle to lead the club’s VFLW side this year and a new sponsor in Reflex, which it’s believed is injecting $1 million into the women’s program across five years, Saints chief executive Matt Finnis said an early entry would be preferred.

Peta Searle will coach St Kilda’s VFLW side, while club great Nathan Burke will be an assistant coach. Picture: Michael Klein

“As we launch our Southern Saints VFLW team this year, who’s to say that the AFL shouldn’t reconsider the pace of its expansion,” Finnis told the Herald Sun.
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Re: Question regarding AFLW

Postby Drake Huggins » Thu 15 Mar 2018 12:39pm

Playing out of Moorabbin, I believe. I've already booked my spot in the Animal Enclosure, 2019 or 2020. Whatever, I don't care, as long as we get to our spiritual home. The first game back will be a sellout, no matter who is playing. I'm excited!
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