Injury Report 2018

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Injury Report 2018

Postby shrodes » Wed 07 Mar 2018 10:46pm ... er-surgery

* Freeman - hamstring - back running Thursday, 6 weeks off match ready
* Paton - thumb - surgery following Sandy game, around 6 weeks off also
* Billy Longer - hip flexor - 1 week
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Re: Injury Report 2018

Postby Drake Huggins » Wed 07 Mar 2018 10:49pm

Correction. Freeman two weeks.
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Re: Injury Report 2018

Postby supersaints » Thu 08 Mar 2018 5:59am

Watching the Saints video ....This years injury reports are obviously going to be played down and it's about " tweaks"
Freeman " tweaks " his hammy and has surgery
Patton "tweaks" his thumb and has surgery
Longer "tweaks" his hip flexor and will miss a week or two

Now I think that's playing things down a tad too far, with Freeman and Patton maybe they don't want to use the word injury in case SS goes into its usual meltdownTop
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