Saints AGM Last night

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Re: Saints AGM Last night

Postby minneapolis » Thu 28 Dec 2017 1:34pm

Enrico_Misso wrote:Any curly questions?

Hey Moe, where's Larry?
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Re: Saints AGM Last night

Postby Drake Huggins » Thu 28 Dec 2017 3:31pm

Vazelos wrote:
BringBackMadDog wrote:
skeptic wrote:Did anybody ask about how the club could retain members better?

Interestingly, we were the number one club in the comp for members re-signing last year. Our greatest issue seems to be attracting new members.

They really have done all they can with a side not playing finals for 6 years...
Consistent finals and hopefully a pre worship and the club would break records easily....

Absolutely, vazelos. The disadvantage of not making the finals for an extended period can't be underestimated. They've done well to keep up the enthusiasm. Onwards and upwards. Let's hope we can sneak up on the competition the way the WB's and Richmond did.
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Re: Saints AGM Last night

Postby magnifisaint » Thu 28 Dec 2017 5:22pm

Must have been A Good Meeting
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