Training and recovery -ideal travel assistance

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Training and recovery -ideal travel assistance

Postby saintbrat » Sun 12 Nov 2017 1:27pm

anyone got a contact at Virgin to get this available on interstate flights ... =hootsuite

he temperature was set initially to 24 degrees, warm enough to make sleeping uncomfortable in the early stages of the flight. During this period, the players went through all their recovery at the rear of the plane, or were huddled in groups playing cards, chatting and playing video games.

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Others wore "Re-Timer" glasses that project light on to the face to help readjust body clocks. It's a light therapy device used to help people in the northern hemisphere combat the various health problems that come with sunlight deficiencies and is popular in Scandinavian countries. For the Socceroos, it was simply used to help the players recover as quickly as possible.

Midway through the first leg of the journey, the lights began to dim and the temperature dropped slightly as bedtime beckoned. The second half of the flight was when the players had to start readjusting their sleeping patterns.
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