One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

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One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

Postby Gershwin » Tue 31 Oct 2017 9:56am

I found this quite interesting:

" Pick 25: Ben Long
The Saints were excited about what the Northern Territorian could offer from the get go and while he battled to live up to expectations, there was fair reason. Before his draft season, Long's summer months were spent in the Northern Territory Football League. Fatigue set in and the tough forward did not have the impact he would have wanted, but expect that to improve in his second season.

Pick 39: Josh Battle
Was at Haileybury College doing year 12 and training with the main group just once a week, so playing in the round 17 loss to Essendon and booting a goal was a great effort. St Kilda has plenty of tall forwards but with Nick Riewoldt having retired, Battle will have more chances to play in 2018.

Pick 56: Ed Phillips
The younger brother of Collingwood wingman Tom Phillips was always going to take a little bit longer, and was held back slightly by a mid-season ankle injury. His professional approach should hold him in good stead, but will need to become stronger and harder around the footy over the summer to take the next step. Played mainly on the wing for Sandringham, and also spent time across half-back.

Rookie selection pick 10: Rowan Marshall
Really impressed as a tall forward who can pinch-hit in the ruck. Played just once at senior level, against Sydney in round 18, but earned two more years because he can take a contested mark. Will be better when he can play well for a whole game, rather than excelling in one quarter and fading away. - Dinny Navaratnam"

Maybe Long will push Weller out of the side? I'd like to see Marshall play regularly - will take some pressure off Bruce if he can become a dangerous tall forward and do some ruck work.
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Re: One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

Postby Bernard Shakey » Tue 31 Oct 2017 11:19am

Fair summation!
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Re: One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

Postby Drake Huggins » Tue 31 Oct 2017 8:30pm

Long has a better chance this year. May still surprise. An upgrade on Weller, IMHO.
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Re: One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

Postby kosifantutti » Tue 31 Oct 2017 9:03pm

Are they saying that because Long played in the summer of 15/16 he was fatigued 18 months later?
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Re: One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

Postby evertonfc » Tue 31 Oct 2017 9:03pm

About right.

Nothing to get excited about as a concrete prospect; no panic either.

Phillips and Long would want to get a move along in 2018.
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Re: One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

Postby carn_sainter » Wed 01 Nov 2017 5:17am

Long has the tools. Very creative, fast enough, good tackling skills. We just need to give him a few seasons, same as for 90% of draftees.
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Re: One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

Postby skeptic » Mon 06 Nov 2017 10:49am

I’d still like to see Long across a HBF... seems like he has all the gifts for a quarter back
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Re: One year on: AFL Media analyses the 2016 draftees

Postby saintspremiers » Mon 06 Nov 2017 3:19pm

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