Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

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Re: Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

Postby saintsRrising » Thu 12 Oct 2017 2:02pm

saynta wrote:Should be able to recruit two of the following if we don't do anything stupid with our two draft picks.


Though as you have included all the best picks many of those will definitely not be Saints in we stay with Picks 7-8.

You probably need a range of predicted picks 5-12 that our two will come from.
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Re: Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

Postby saynta » Thu 12 Oct 2017 2:03pm

saintsRrising wrote:
saynta wrote:Should be able to recruit two of the following if we don't do anything stupid with our two draft picks.


Though as you have included all the best picks many of those will definitely not be Saints in we stay with Picks 7-8.

You probably need a range of predicted picks 5-12 that our two will come from.

You are right of course.
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Re: Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

Postby saynta » Fri 13 Oct 2017 3:58pm

http://www.saints.com.au/news/2017-10-1 ... igh-demand

The Saints’ prized top 10 draft picks continue attract interest from opposition clubs.

St Kilda Chief Operating Officer Ameet Bains told saints.com.au in a special edition podcast that interest in picks seven and eight has been extremely high.

“In terms of pick swaps, we have had conversations. Our real want is to move up the order, so be somewhere better than seven, and to do a deal on that basis have been the discussions we’ve been exploring,” he said.

“There hasn’t been anything attractive enough for us to want to do that and again, I re-enforce that if we were to do something it’s more likely to move up the order.”

“It would have to be something compelling that would make us shift.

Bains said the talent available in November’s draft was incredibly appealing.

“We’re really bullish about this year’s draft,” he said.

“The fact that we’ve had a number of clubs come to us wanting to get their hands on seven and eight… and move up themselves in the draft re-enforces our confidence in how strong of a draft it is.

“We know that we still want to add elite talent to the football club and those two picks allow us to do that, so unless it’s a player we feel really caps off our needs we won’t be trading those picks.”

“It’s not a question of just going out there and trying to get a big name for the sake of it or pay money for the sake of it. I think our fans would be really disappointed if we were that rash with our approach,” Bains said.

“We know what we need to target; we’ve been pretty clear about that.

“Mid-field depth has been a key part of that, particularly getting some more class through the mid-field, and that’s what we’ve been really focussed on even from a trade perspective, so we’ve been pretty calculated and considered about that.”

Bains’ conversations with Giant Adam Tomlinson have also piqued the interest of the football community recently, with suggestion the 24-year-old might be seeking to move back to his native Victoria.

“Adam is someone that we’ve spoken about having had a previous interest in him when he was uncontracted and that interest has remained,” Bains said.

“There have been suggestions in the past few weeks that he was maybe looking at a move back to Melbourne, which we’re still getting to the bottom of.

“The Giants have been incredibly strong in the last few days with their public commentary about not trading him and the reality is that if that’s the position, then nothing will happen.”

Trade period officially ends next week, with the National Draft to be held on November 24.""

In Baines I trust.
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Re: Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

Postby ace » Mon 16 Oct 2017 11:09am

outside66 wrote:
parkeysainter wrote:Joel Selwood and Lenny Hayes were pick 7's from memory.

You're right about Selwood but Lenny was pick 11. I didn't want to go too far back in the draft years as the whole landscape with drafting has shifted so much with a lot more detail and information on young talent available i.e draft combine, increased resources/focus at club level etc.

A Joel Selwood would be a handy get though!

Selwood slipped in that draft because he had some pretty bad injuries.
But I like to think that had Geelong not taken him at 7 surely the Saints would have pounced at 8.
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Re: Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

Postby chook23 » Mon 16 Oct 2017 12:09pm

Why the love for bains...what has he actually done.
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Re: Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

Postby Drake Huggins » Mon 16 Oct 2017 2:12pm

That's a bit like the PFJ asking, "What have the Romans ever done for us?" Apart from completely altering our list and payment profiles, bringing them back to a state where we can once again get into the market and pay appropriately. Showing fiscal responsibility and planning for the future, so that never again do we spend 60% of our salary cap on just 10 players. Bringing Carlisle to the club by not blinking when Dildoro was making a complete tool of himself. Getting pick 14 as part of that trade, which ultimately brought Gresh to our club, has been shown to be a masterstroke. Bringing Roberton, Membrey, Baroose, Brown, Steele, and Stevens to our club for a sum total of a 2nd round, two 3rd round and 4th round picks. Repaired the damage done by the Pelican, whose first year of our rebuild saw us give away picks 12, 13 and 20, for the princely sum of Lee, Hickey and White, while adding Murdoch, Wright, and Saunders. Need I remind you that pick 20 got us Milera and Saad in return.

Outstanding work, Mr. Pelican! Then, like a seagull, more than a pelican, he pissed off and left Ameet and trout to clean up the mess. It would be fair to say that at that point our list was in the worst shape it had been since the early 80's. While we need a cherry on top of a stable cake, to top off five years of sacrifice and tight control, the trade period still has 72 hours to go. You never know. I also add the fact we haven't lost a single young player or anyone for that matter we didn't want to. Billings, Ross, Bruce Acres etc. have all attracted interest from other clubs. Apart from all that, what has Ameet done for us?
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Re: Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

Postby Wrote for Luck » Mon 16 Oct 2017 2:59pm

saynta wrote:Current draft order. Without comp picks.


1. Brisbane Lions
2. Gold Coast
3. Carlton
4. North Melbourne
5. Fremantle
6. Collingwood
7. St Kilda
8. St Kilda
9. Western Bulldogs
10. Melbourne
11. Essendon
12. Brisbane Lions
13. West Coast
14. Sydney
15. Richmond
16. Adelaide
17. Richmond


18. Brisbane Lions
19. Gold Coast
20. Geelong
21. North Melbourne
22. Gold Coast
23. Greater Western Sydney
24. Gold Coast
25. Greater Western Sydney
26. Western Bulldogs
27. Melbourne
28. Essendon
29. Port Adelaide
30. West Coast
31. Sydney
32. Hawthorn
33. Geelong
34. Adelaide
35. Gold Coast (


36. Collingwood
37. Gold Coast
38. Carlton
39. Western Bulldogs
40. Fremantle
41. Brisbane Lions
42. Hawthorn
43. St Kilda
44. North Melbourne
45. Melbourne
46. Essendon
47. Port Adelaide
48. West Coast
49. Sydney
50. Richmond
51. Geelong
52. Adelaide
53. Richmond

first six picks three are interstate, bodes well.
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Re: Picks 7 & 8 since 2009

Postby kalsaint » Mon 16 Oct 2017 9:39pm

MC Gusto wrote:Analysis like this is fraught with danger given it excludes guns that have been picked after those picks in the same draft year

Not how I see it. This includes the risk factors for any youth taken in the draft. perhaps a slight positive leaning to higher ranked picks and more negative leaning to those 9 to 20. Much of it evens out but it does provide some sort of guide for drafts versus trades value.
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