Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

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Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby kosifantutti » Sat 07 Oct 2017 5:27pm

Appropriately, it is called the Butcher medal. ... b88621856z
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby MickThomas » Sat 07 Oct 2017 5:37pm

He's a qualified electrician though
Not a meat worker.
Not sure what you mean :lol: :wink: :D
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby ausfatcat » Sun 08 Oct 2017 12:41am

? that link has nothing to do with jones
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby Enrico_Misso » Sun 08 Oct 2017 12:58am

Did his win set the venue alight?
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby felix » Sun 08 Oct 2017 1:03am

Gives his all ..well done Clint.
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby noddy04 » Sun 08 Oct 2017 1:53am

Congratulations gave everything you had at the Saints.
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby parkeysainter » Sun 08 Oct 2017 1:55am


Well done Clint!
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby saintbrat » Sun 08 Oct 2017 6:56am

ausfatcat wrote:? that link has nothing to do with jones

Very last sentence mentions Clints win
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby bigcarl » Sun 08 Oct 2017 10:36am

kosifantutti wrote:Appropriately, it is called the Butcher medal.

Haha, good one.

He was a damn good player for us, though, albeit with an awkward kicking style.

His 2009 season was a key reason for our dominance. Remember that pack of Collingwood dogs that targeted him in 2010. Then won the premiership :x
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Re: Clint Jones wins Perth B&F

Postby Drake Huggins » Sun 08 Oct 2017 1:45pm

I wonder if Scotty sent his congratulations?
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