Who should we target in the draft?

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Who should we target in the draft?

Postby Moods » Thu 14 Sep 2017 12:01pm

For mine, Jayden Stephenson. (Fwd/mid) I will declare my bias early as I know the family. I'm not one to normally pay a lot of attention to the youngsters coming through and whilst I rate my footy knowledge I also acknowledge I'm no professional recruiter.

The reason I say Stephenson is the following. He has almost ALL the attributes to make it at AFL level. He's tall (190cm) lightening quick off the mark and has a great tank. He is lightly framed at the moment but has that V frame, ie wide shoulders and thin hips which the best athletes have so that they can gain muscle but not lose speed. He has a great pair of hands and a very big leap. People forget that before this year he was touted as a certain top 3 pick. The reason he's dropped down the ranking a little is because he's been pushed into the midfield which is uncommon ground for him. I wasn't aware at TAC cup level but they're basically told to play certain roles. One week they may be asked to be an outside mid the following week they may be told to be an inside mid. It's really just a 20 week exhibition games for recruiters. He struggled with the transition a little to the midfield which is why his ranking dropped. He was also played in the midfield in the Teal cup games, dominating one game, but not having much impact in the other games.

Basically I reckon potentially he's our best best. He could turn into anything. His kicking skills are good (not elite) but he certainly knows how to kick a goal. He's a long kick as well. He is expected to go between 7-20.

I look at the potential #1 pick in Raynor and I see a man amongst kids playing footy. He looks and plays a lot like Dusty Martin. He has awesome power and aggression at the contest. Will that translate into AFL? Personally I worry about his height (or lack of) combined with his average tank. Whoever gets him will get a Petracca. Not much has been written on Petracca on here of late. He looks like he could be anything, but unless he developes a tank he is destined to be a serviceable HFF.

The other kid I know a little about is Adam Cerra. For mine he's not quick enough and doesn't appear to have the physique that could endure AFL. He has a great work rate and I know for a fact that he's a terrific kid. He's expected to go early but I reckon he could slip into the 6-10 pick.

It's easy to be critical of recruiters, and I certainly have been, but when you realise that they have to play nostradamus with these kids you can see why so many picks are hit and miss. It's why I would have desperately wanted KELLY as we get a KNOWN quantity. Then again we win the raffle in the draft and the benefits are massive
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Re: Who should we target in the draft?

Postby parkeysainter » Thu 14 Sep 2017 2:13pm

1) Quick and skilled mid/winger (even if they are an outside player).
2) Key FB/CHB.

We can draft another 1st round mid as above in the 2019 draft and try get a good free agent that is as above.
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Re: Who should we target in the draft?

Postby Myron Gaines » Thu 14 Sep 2017 2:16pm

At 7/8 I like:

- Nick Coffield, 190cm, 84kg, utility/midfielder. Runs a sub 2.9sec 20metres. Extreme pace, versatile, nice side step, moves well in traffic

- Aaron Naughton, 194cm, 84cm, key back. Great hands, intercepting marking, rebounding, attacking defender

I really want Coffield, I think he could be the best in the draft. Although I think he will be the bolter & go earlier than our first pick.
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Re: Who should we target in the draft?

Postby Dave McNamara » Thu 14 Sep 2017 10:34pm


Nobody, until kalsaint has finished his/her assessments.
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