We'll beat sydney

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Re: We'll beat sydney

Postby White Winmar » Mon 17 Jul 2017 8:45pm

WellardSaint wrote:
cwrcyn wrote:Us beating the swans in Sydney is a fantasy. Our form
Up until Richmond game was flakey and unmpressive. We've had one half of high intensity impressive football in about 8 weeks.

I would suggest that our poor conversion smothers the spirit and hurts morale.
If we converted better, we would have maybe beaten WCE, and could have gotten much closer in several games.

The guys appear a bit brittle sometimes, and missing goals must hurt.
Something isn't working, they can't regroup or lift when they need to.
The Tigers game was a perfect storm (somebody already used the phrase) where all the planets lined up.
We won't see another like that for a long time.

The Swans historically have played nasty,physical, brutal footy- and our lads haven't responded well to that stuff.
They're not soft at all- but they lose composure and can't think straight.

Good to see you back, WS. If they're going to the pictures, GT style, why not try Transformers? We need to change. On the bad omen side, currently showing are, It Comes at Night, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Rough Night.
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Re: We'll beat sydney

Postby mr six o'clock » Mon 17 Jul 2017 10:09pm

We haven't come close to beating in the last five years.
So that will be the first task.
However getting close don't mean diddly.
We need everyone to play well.
We need to kick well.
Even in games that we've been poor in this year we are still able to have between 15 to 25 shots at goal .so we need to take our chances.
Then we need them to have an off night.
So i reckon we've got sfa chance of all this happening and they'll have a comfortable 6+ goal win.
But i really hope I'm wrong.
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Re: We'll beat sydney

Postby The Fireman » Sun 23 Jul 2017 2:19pm

The Fireman wrote:just not good enough yet. Just hope it's not a belting.

Hope eternal. Does anyone think that some our supporters may be out of touch with reality?
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Re: We'll beat sydney

Postby Sainternist » Sun 23 Jul 2017 2:23pm

MC Gusto wrote:Got a really good feeling we will come out and beat Sydney in a nail biter. There'll be a few changes in the side and a few strong words spoken between the playing group.

We'll be ready to go

No more predictions! You've jinxed us two games in a row now!!
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Re: We'll beat sydney

Postby Impatient Sainter » Sun 23 Jul 2017 3:39pm

You have to wonder when we will next beat the teams that we have been there bunnies eg Sydney, Adelaide, Port, WCE etc. Because it is getting very down heartening...
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