Paddy may be back

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Re: Paddy may be back

Postby Moods » Thu 18 May 2017 2:30pm

bigcarl wrote:
The OtherThommo wrote:This 'Paddy for Bruce', or 'rest Roo', conversation seems to stuck in 2015.

Wasn't the 'plan' for Roo to play more up the ground, to help take the physical pressure off him (and he has continued to lighten off to do just that), while Bruce, McCartin and Membrey get 1st crack as a forward trio?

I reckon one of the reasons Roo looks to be struggling with his pins is the more frequent aerial collisions, particularly now he has less weight to hold his position. As Brereton said, about his early 'finish', it was getting hit side on in aerial duels that wrecked his knees. Knees have less capability to rotate, compared to hips and ankles (they basically go back and forward, not left and right).

And, the pressure on Roo's pins is not being helped by blokes who 'miss' him by foot, when he has separation, or by fellow forwards continually bringing opponents to contests, because they are not working well enough to separate themselves from their forward comrades.

So, why not go back to the 'plan'?

ToT, that would be the best solution, but do you think he can play wing on the evidence of the past month? Maybe he can. As BM says, you never write off a champ.

I'll say it again. Roo is not a mid. He thinks too slowly for a mid. Last week he bent down to receive a kick in our backline. He then went to handpass the ball but by the time he's executed the handball it was too late and the receiver was under immense pressure. The Result? Tackle. Goal to the opposition. He's a good field kick when he has time to execute. Granted when he pushes fwd off his opponent he becomes dangerous as he isn't given the sort of attention as when he plays permanent fwd. I don't like him drifting into our backline though, If he doesn't mark it he becomes a liability with the pressure that is applied in that part of the ground. He's never been a great tackler, something no-one cares about greatly when he's kicking 2-3 goals a week and taking 10-12 marks. If you are drifting into the backline as a mid you HVE to be able to apply pressure and receive pressure.

I would prefer Roo to start on the wing and we only play 2 key fwds. Roo starts high and moves fwd when appropriate. One of our half fwds starts deep and then pushes up the ground almost as a mid to take Roo's role in the backline.
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Re: Paddy may be back

Postby RODOS » Fri 19 May 2017 9:20pm

Dave McNamara wrote:Hi RODOS, I can't argue with that philosophy re the importance of 'rewarding form'.

But lets look at that form. Sure, one can only beat the opposition of the day, but, Coburg is on the bottom of the ladder, with a percentage around 50%. That suggests that monstering their backline... is what everyone is doing. Two weeks ago, certainly yes, blustery conditions, but, Paddy was being out-positioned by a part time footballer who was giving up height and 10kgs(!) Hence my pi$$-poor comment.

I realise the issues of controlling IDDM, and also the bad luck Paddy has had with concussions, and the broken collar bone. (He certainly doesn't lack for courage.) I don't expect miracles, and certainly not overnight miracles. But, Paddy has now been in the system for three preseasons. It's not unreasonable to expect to see some visible changes in his body definition. To see some signs of improvement in his fitness level. Despite some of the fanciful pre-season claims that were being made... I'm seeing zero change. (And unfortunately, I ain't Robinson Crusoe on that one.)

The bloke has shown that he as talent. No question. He is not a dud. (Though that fact may make it harder for him to win a B&F. :wink: ) My Schultz comparison, I'd rate as a 'worst case scenario' for Paddy. Yes, I (desperately) wanted Petracca, but now I understand the thinking behind choosing Paddy. And that thinking can be proven to be dead... right. But... not/never-ever, if Paddy doesn't improve his body definition/strength, and his fitness!!!!!!

And another way to look at it... I can't see how it is actually doing Paddy himself any favours to be playing him whilst his body is simply not yet ready for senior AFL footy. I'd argue that us doing so, is actually unfair on Paddy.

Some fair points. I would argue that Paddy is a lot stronger and fitter this year. You can see it in the way he's starting to rag doll vfl defenders and run out games (his last quarter vs coburg was his best). But yes, he can lose some weight, no doubt, however, from all reports he's a hard worker. I guess the proof will be in the, ah, padding. .. 8-)

Could be good for bruce to kick a bag in the VFL and get that confidence up. I'm interested to see how our forward line works without him. But there's every chance we could really miss his presence. We'll know soon!
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