... meanwhile he continues to wait by the phone

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... meanwhile he continues to wait by the phone

Postby Enrico_Misso » Wed 17 May 2017 3:11pm

... for the calls that never come.

S. Milne that is.
Waiting for the apology calls from the Caaarlton, Collingwood, Essendon, etc. etc. players (and one bigoted coach) for the repeated libelous sledging directed at him for more than a decade.
"Understand that you are all custodians of the St Kilda Football Club...you are responsible for making the difficult decisions to make this Club great. Those decisions will not always be popular, for popular decisions are easily made - but those that will truly make us great are those that challenge us most." - Allan Jeans as told to Chris Pelchen 2012.
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Re: ... meanwhile he continues to wait by the phone

Postby ChrisRyanSaints » Wed 17 May 2017 3:20pm

Different era. Lets just move on. Be grateful you got to see an era which wasnt rules by overzealous bulls***.

Retard?? Top news?? Unbelievable and now Sledging a wife for banging another dude? Laughable. Dont you worry privately billy dermie lyon watson brayshaw all from the 70s 80s are laughing at how soft this is.
If i was a carlton supporter id be livid and very embarrassed. What weak dogs.

Onya saints for sledging but also playing the game of "apologizing" haha we dont mean it. Murphy to his credit hasnt taken it further but still acting lke a pompussy little SNAG of a prick.
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Re: ... meanwhile he continues to wait by the phone

Postby ROLS-LEE » Wed 17 May 2017 5:22pm

I thought it was Carlisle waiting for the apology. Regardless of what was said, the act by Murphy has been swept under the carpet and justified.
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