Carlisle quietly improving

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Re: Carlisle quietly improving

Postby mr six o'clock » Wed 19 Apr 2017 5:59pm

stonecold wrote:
White Winmar wrote:Carlisle was n the cusp of being elite before all the doping crap started. Now he's in a stable environment and in a good culture, perhaps he will realise that enormous early promise. I have a feeling he will.


Lets not tell anyone .
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Carlisle Making Up For Lost Time

Postby the dome » Wed 19 Apr 2017 9:14pm

I started getting the feeling seeing Carlisle on the weekend that he was playing partly perhaps with the sense that hey this game doesn't last forever.
I enjoyed a lot of his micro plays and his determination to get himself involved throughout the game.
Enjoying it & wanting more. :)
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