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Re: Dave Armo

Postby ace » Fri 21 Apr 2017 6:25pm

SemperFidelis wrote:
dragit wrote:
Saint wagga wrote:Is it just me or does that make sweet F*** all sense?? …sounding very dumb!

You also have to wonder why after playing and finishing really sore on the 16th of April… he can't get a scan till at least the 26th ?

Surely if he potentially needs surgery we should be fast tracking the scan and surgery to give him the best chance of playing again sooner?

He could have already had that surgery if it's necessary…

They could shove him into Vic House today for scans, no probs - it's more likely a case of really bad inflammation/swelling; scans likely won't help until they can get a clear look.

If it's OP my recollection is it can take a while to clearly diagnose.

On any view, it's bad.

It is one thing to get the scans but the best specialists are not waiting in their rooms for a footballer to walk in.
They require you to get an appointment and bring a referral.
The more you know, the more you know you don't know.
When I was a young child, I knew that I knew so much about so much.
Now that I am old and know so much more, I know that I know so much about so little, and so little about so much.
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Re: Dave Armo

Postby WellardSaint » Fri 21 Apr 2017 8:04pm

Saint wagga wrote:Our Coach on Armo's injury in response to him being possibily brought back too soon... "“It was one of those injuries where it wasn’t going to get any worse, but hopefully you can pull up better. That wasn’t the case. He’s a sore boy, so he’ll need to have a spell.”...

Is it just me or does that make sweet F*** all sense?? It wasn't going to get any worse?!?!? isn't that exactly what happened!! He's pulled up so much worse that he's now looking at probably a couple of months on the sideline with or without surgery...could even be season ending!! That's why you don' get the coach to try and talk sports medicine. Either defer to the club medico or say nothing, otherwise you run the risk of looking and sounding very dumb!

This is crazy talk. I had assumed an "injury" is a muscle strain, or a ligament/tendon strain.
Playing elite sport "it's not going to get any worse"? Really?
Here's a big word for Dr Richardson- "aggravation" :shock:
That's where if you try to work through an "injury", it just "aggravates" the damage.
And some folk on saintsational will be "aggravated" if you keep playing the guy.
If your car's timing is off, you can keep driving, but you'll be down on power, and worse case is detonation where the fuel burns wrongly.

2015 when we beat the Doggies in that comeback, one of their guys- Clay something, he had an ACL but their doc said "it won't get any worse'
so he was sent back out...took a mark, went to move and "pop" went the knee.
Crazy talk crazy talk
Summertime just means lots of sunburn, lots of pain.
Long wait till footy season, when the pain of sunburn is replaced by the pain of missed opportunities, missed shots at goal,
mistakes under pressure...
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