Scrap Trade Week/Draft, but keep Salary Cap!

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Scrap Trade Week/Draft, but keep Salary Cap!

Postby saintspremiers » Mon 08 Oct 2007 11:28am

I reckon this whole draft and trade week thing is nonsense.

Sure, we should keep the salary cap to prevent Adelaide, West Coast, Carlscum, EddieWood and Essendon buying flags at will, but why not just make it open slather/free trade between clubs whenever they want, provided it fits under current Salary Cap/external marketing agreements framework?

This would put the emphasis squarely on having a top notch recruiting team and not just relying on tanking/having a bad year to cover up issues within the club's recruiting framework.

Is this the system that the NRL currently operates under, how does it go?

I believe the A-League operates under these guidelines.

When the AFL introduced the draft, was the salary cap introduced at the same time? ie. did we ever have just a salary cap but no draft in our comp?

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Postby ausfatcat » Mon 08 Oct 2007 11:48am

The problem with that is the salary cap is not working properly. Clubs get around it with property deals ect that are legal under the current rules, this method can only be used with current players thou and not players coming into the club. So if there was no trading/drafting clubs like collingwood west coast and adelaide will dominate the game. Including keeping players outside of the list untill they are ready. Ie collingwood could have 100 players doing ground maintenance which they will put on the list after they have developed.

The only forseeable change to the system (could still be years away) is free trade.. Ie after 6 years services someone can move without being traded. To be honest I am not a huge fan of that either, the system works to a large degree to even the competition but the salary cap needs to be tightened up.
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Postby plugger66 » Mon 08 Oct 2007 4:20pm

The AFL system is much better than the NRL syste. they even tell clubs they are leaving mid season. In the next couple of years they will have free trade as well which will give us more movement. It is by far and away the best system out of the codes. More players stay at their clubs than any other comp.
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Postby stkfc1 » Tue 09 Oct 2007 12:13am

could you imagine Roo half way through season saying he wants to go elsewhere the next year :twisted: you 'd want him to kick the winning goal in the granny and then blow his knee running up the dias to except his norm smith. :lol: (just kidding)
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Postby The_Dud » Tue 09 Oct 2007 12:29am

the trade/draft system is fine, and i hope the AFL doesn't change it just for change-sake, like they do with the rules every year :roll:

the NRL system is crap, how would u feel knowing one of your star players had already signed with another club half-way thru a season? I wouldn't even want them to play out the rest of the season with us, i don't want traitors wearing our colours

its fine, leave it be
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