Str3am for Saints-Dees

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Str3am for Saints-Dees

Postby WellardSaint » Sun 13 Aug 2017 4:42am

I want to prevent google bots from finding that word.
I think I might know the s.tr3am for the game,
as I was advised ages ago by someone;
it's low-res, poor quality but it's free.

Will send by PM only for obvious reasons.
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Re: Str3am for Saints-Dees

Postby saintspremiers » Sun 13 Aug 2017 7:51am

Get Foxtel
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Re: Str3am for Saints-Dees

Postby kosifantutti » Sun 13 Aug 2017 9:38am

saintspremiers wrote:Get Foxtel

Or Telstra.
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Re: Str3am for Saints-Dees

Postby HitTheBoundary » Sun 13 Aug 2017 12:28pm

kosifantutti wrote:
saintspremiers wrote:Get Foxtel

Or Telstra.

Neither of which work if you're outside Australia.

And before I get the "when I lived overseas in an area with cracking fast internet" reply, the AFL app won't stream on the slow connection I've got, I've tried it.

PM would be appreciated, cheers.
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Re: Str3am for Saints-Dees

Postby santazzi » Sun 13 Aug 2017 2:08pm

I have Telstra, but it does not let me watch it on my PC. I am resigned to watching replays,
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Re: Str3am for Saints-Dees

Postby sunsaint » Sun 13 Aug 2017 2:32pm

Link would be greatly appreciated Mr wellard
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